Natural Height Shapes

Introducing Natural Height shapes by
 :body love:

:body love: natural shapes are created to reflect the feminine and beautiful shapes that you see in Cat Boccaccio's Second Life art, and are now being offered in response to customer requests.

Cat includes a gorgeous custom skin with each shape purchase, to ensure you are receiving exactly what you see in the poster or ad.

After many years of studying the figure in RL, Cat became a photographer in SL in 2007. She specializes in sensual, personal representations of the Second Life female avatar, and has always designed her own shapes. Cat's women are warm, real and beautiful and this is what she wants to capture with her shapes and skins.

   Natural custom shape
   Natural custom skin
   Makeup as shown
   Style notecard

Not included: hair, eyes, outfit or jewelery.

Shape is copy & modify
Skin is copy only.

The goal of :body love: is to offer a variety of premium shape and skin products that are affordable, of unmatched quality and that compliment each other perfectly... and make you look incredible. Love your body!

Available in Cat's Inworld  shop or at Second Life Marketplace

Dareme V2


 All images Copyright 2007-2013 Cat Boccaccio 

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