Identity Crisis


 Second Life Identity Crisis

With its delights, temptations, illusions, pitfalls, surprises and trips into the unknown, Second Life for me has become a kind of Funhouse, like the ones you find at carnivals.

A Funhouse sounds like, and often is, but can also be a frightening place where the unexpected is confronted. Second Life has been the same kind of experience. 

Everyone's journey in SL is different, and for me it has been an inadvertent exploration of different aspects of myself. I have somehow felt compelled to create many alts and now find them taking on a life of their own. The Funhouse exhibit is my first attempt at understanding my crowded SL landscape. 

In all I have about ten alts-- ten separate SL accounts-- including one male, a black woman, a teenager... some with more developed identities than others. I don't know if it is RP or whether I am in need of psychiatric help, but these SL alts are all very personal, intense and meaningful to me.

SL Identity Crisis is a scripted, multi-image piece on display at Cat's Beach Gallery. 

The Caerleon Museum of Identity was a collaboration with almost 20 artisits participating under the theme of ‘Ambiguity of Identity’. Cat’s exhibit posed more questions than it answered, and in it she exposed 9 alt identities, all components of her RL persona. Here is Iono Allen’s machinima of the installation. 

Music: Eurythmics (Who's That Girl - Acoustic live performance)

All images Copyright 2007-2013 Cat Boccaccio 

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